Plantation Fort Myers
May 2010

Golf Membership at Plantation Fort Myers

plantation fort myers golf course

The Plantation Fort Myers golf course is located in Somerset and boasts 18 holes of beautiful and challenging golf.  The designer Hardzan-Fry provides a challenging, thought provoking and fun experience.  All golfers will appreciate the beauty of this amazing course and even a scratch golfer will have to respect the challenges that await.  At 7,233 yards the challenges are many.  Deep bunkers in the “Pinehurst” tradition will provide you with that “Day at the Beach” experience and the many lakes seem to call my ball more than others.

While the Plantation Fort Myers golf course is challenging, do not let me give you the impression that the challenges overwhelm the fun.  As they say, if it was easy everyone would do it and I would add that it would not have allure to pull you back over and over again.

Of course I always look at a golf course from a real estate perspective.  What does the Plantation Fort Myers golf course bring to the community?  Actually, a lot.  It is truly one of the premier golf courses in the Fort Myers area and yet membership is optional to residents.  Membership is very affordable and the facilities are hard to beat.  Residents will find that whether you choose to be a member of the Plantation Fort Myers golf course or not they will most certainly benefit from its existence.

A drive through the community reveals the beauty of the course and its presence adds value to all of the homes within Plantation Fort Myers, not just those on the course.  If you are going to be visiting Fort Myers I ask you to call and allow me to introduce you to this fine community and it’s beautiful golf course.

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